[Webinar] Change in Red Team Assessment approach post COVID-19 by Shrikant Antre

There are remarkable changes happening in the world due to the current pandemic situation. These charges vary from routines, lifestyle, working hours, technologies & cybersecurity landscape. Organisations have started focusing on teleworking (Work-From-Home) models, changes in processes, changes in physical security controls as new ways towards normalcy. From a cybersecurity perspective, this has an impact when we look at the approach for penetration testing.

This webinar was led by our Assessment- Practice Lead, Shrikant Antre.

Topics covered :

  • Thoughts on Red Team Assessment scenario from a Red Team’s perspective & that of the target organisation
  • Risk Exposure in areas of People, Process & Technology for an organisation which can be leveraged by a Red Team Assessor
  • Privacy implications due to use of personal systems, personal WI-FI networks etc
  • Latest social engineering techniques by hackers misusing Covid-19 situation
  • The impact of misconfigurations on the organisation’s critical data

Watch the webinar here.

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